Pressure Cleaning

Get your property looking it's best!

The famous red mud and mould on the Tablelands can have your property looking old and dirty before you know it. If you are looking to get your property looking new again, Pressure Cleaning is a good place to start!

SunPowered Solar Panel, Gutter and Pressure Cleaning is available for high pressure cleaning of:

If you are putting your house on the market, be sure to get your house looking it’s best with Pressure Cleaning. We regularly work with local real estate agents with preparing properties for sale and rental property maintenance.

 Roof Pressure Washing

Regular roof maintenance and repair is an important part of home maintenance, but it is often overlooked until major problems develop. Think of it like brushing your teeth between dentist visits! The black patches that you see on so many old, poorly maintained roofs is caused by algae. This can easily be removed by either pressure washing or chemical washing. Without the correct safety equipment and procedures cleaning your roof can be extremely dangerous as the algae is extremely slippery when wet.

Pressure Cleaning at Mungalli Creek Dairy

We also clear gutters and provide solar panel cleaning on all areas of the beautiful Atherton Tablelands 

We are locally owned and operated, we do not charge travel costs for the Atherton Tablelands. We pride ourselves on supporting local and thank you for doing the same!

Please contact us if you would like a free quote, James will organise a time that is convenient for you. We like to inspect each job individually to ensure that you are only paying for what you need done!

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