Gutter Cleaning

Insurance companies may refuse your claim if your gutters are found to be unmaintained.
A basic maintenance program is affordable!

Keeping your gutters cleared is more important than just for looks!

Your gutters play an important part in diverting excess water away from your house and yard. If your gutters are blocked for any reason, the result can be serious structural damage and expensive repairs.

Gutter Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your gutters should be a regular part of your home maintenance schedule. If you are not comfortable climbing ladders and doing it yourself, or just find that you don’t have time, James from SunPowered can come and do it for you at very affordable prices.

If your gutters are not maintained, depending on your insurer, you may find that they may refuse your claim!

Water Damage

When it rains, a large volume of water is deposited on your roof that must be drained away in a very short time. Your gutters channel this water along the edges of the roof, through the downpipes and into the drains below. If your gutters are blocked, this water is unable to escape and builds up rapidly.

If the water is blocked by debris in your gutters, one of several things are likely to happen:

Weight Damage

Your gutters are only attached to your roof by screws and thin strips of metal. If water collects because of a blocked gutter, eventually the weight will become too much and the gutter will buckle or break. This will cause a deluge of water onto the ground below and possibly damage your roof as well. We also quite often see plants growing from gutters, the weight from the growing plant will also cause damage over time.


Rust is quick to develop in the bottom of gutters and down pipes elbows which constantly harbours organic material. Replacing a guttering system can be a costly exercise.

Pest Infestation

Surrounding trees are responsible for the buildup of leaves and twigs in gutters. This vegetation is the perfect home for a variety of unwanted pests, including spiders, insects and mosquito larvae. Do you have water tanks attached to our house? Have you considered the health effects of a dirty gutters? If left blocked for long periods, this plant matter will also rot down and produce mould, which can be detrimental to your health.

Bushfire Threat

If you live in a remote bushfire prone area you should be well aware that gutters full of leaves are also a potential fire hazard. Gutters should be cleaned regularly, particularly in the summer months, as wind-borne sparks or embers from a bushfire can land in them and start fires that will rapidly spread to the rest of your house. Cleaning gutters in bushfire season is one of the most important actions you can take to protect your home.

Note: If you are in a bushfire prone area, you might like to check out Barricade Fire Gel which can be used when a fire is approaching. It is available from Trinity Fire Services in Cairns!


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